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There is a new section on the Postal History of the Western Territories 1870-1905. In addition to a detailed description of the Postal hammers, there is a fair bit of overall history. The North-West territory(1870-1882), and the district of Assiniboia(1882-1905) are shown now. The territories of Alberta and Saskatchewan are under developement.

June 2024 addition of Beaver,Bezanson
May 2024 addition of Alexo,Ankerton,Cavalier
April 2024 addition of Alhambra,Brocket,Duhamel,Khedive,Mitchellton
March 2024 addition of Albright,Alcester,Alcomdale,Algrove,Shackleton
February 2024 addition of Abee,Abilene,Abound,Aden,Aetna,Agatha,Aggie,Aylsham,Pibroch

As of June 1, 2024 there are
406 towns shown in Alberta with 5965 images
574 towns shown in Saskatchewan with 9568 images
245 towns shown in Manitoba with 3627 images
169 towns shown in B.C. with 2710 images